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By eloise Arm und Haarbänder styled in sweden

byEloise London was born when two Scandinavian moms with five daughters (and one son) amongst them saw the need for a fun, lovely and high quality hair band. The hair bands have the added benefit of looking good on your wrist as a bracelet, which is why they are called bangle bands.

At the gym, in the office or at school, on the beach or at a party, the bangle band is the small stylish detail that completes your outfit whether in the hair or adorning your wrist.

The byEloise London bangle bands come in a variety of fresh and fashionable  colours and charms. Every season we add new styles to the collection, and we always have an array of timeless classics. There is a colour and a charm for every one and for every occasion. Girls, princesses, ladies and women of all ages love the byEloise London bangle bands.

With careers in fashion, consulting and finance, byEloise London is a dream come true, allowing us to combine the role as mothers with a business we enjoy and believe in. The biggest reward for us is to see how our customers love and cherish our products.

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